NBC Matchmaker


Project Overview

NBC Sports MatchMaker is an iPhone and Android app designed to connect English Premier League (EPL) sports fans so they can watch matches together. Fans have the ability to locate, chat and connect with other fans from the same team. They can locate where fans are congregating while highlighting the best soccer-watching bars and restaurants in the area through an interactive map.

The brief was simple – connect soccer fans in New York. The interest for soccer in the US is at an all time high and diehard soccer fans know that there is nothing better than watching soccer surrounded by fellow fans cheering on their favourite team to win. Papercloud partnered with Naked Communications to come up with a solution to design and develop an app which would enhance the experience of watching sports by building a community of fellow club supporters. NBC Matchmaker is licensed by NBC Sports so the app is linked directly to NBC’s broadcast schedule and latest news, allowing users to receive reminders about upcoming matches.

The Solution