Since establishing in 2011, it’s been Papercloud’s goal to improve people’s lives using technology. We do this by staying up-to-date with macro and micro trends and applying the latest design and development standards. We have been fortunate to work with ambitious founders and forward thinking companies.

Building an impactful startup or digital product requires a strong business model, an understanding of the user’s needs and pain points and a nimble approach to the design and development process. At Papercloud, we work closely with founders and companies to make sure we apply these principles to every project we work on.

Our Capabilities


We create strategic plans to launch technology businesses and products. We’ve developed over 60 digital products in various industries and use this experience to bring successful products to market. A strong strategy is essential to gain market share against existing competition.


At Papercloud we put a high emphasis on usability and design. We strive to achieve commercial objectives while providing an optimal user experience with our leading interface design. Our team consists of UX and UI designers. In order to quickly validate an idea before investing in the design and development, we design basic prototypes of the product to get feedback from stakeholders and users. This helps identify and validate product demand in a visual and interactive way.


We build modern and scalable apps. Our technical team come from diverse technical backgrounds to bring experience in a variety of development environments, including iOS, Android, Rails, Ember; built to scale on modern web services.